4-Step Vegan Beauty Routine

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What is it: Cleanse, rejuvenate, hydrate, strengthen. This 4-step beauty routine is the perfect way to start or end your day. 

  • Foaming Daily Face Wash: Our effective cleanser features soothing botanical extracts to diminish the appearance of dullness ☀️, leaving skin renewed. Reveal healthy, rejuvenated skin with a daily wash to help hydrate 🌊 and balance the appearance of skin tone.
  • Vitamin A/Retinol Serum: Daily retinoid made for just about everyone, that does just about everything ; improves the appearance of fine lines, blemishes, pores, dark spots, and uneven tone and texture, all while nourishing skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Face Moisturizer: Our daily lightweight 😊 Face Moisturizer is a non-greasy, quick-absorbing cream that improves the appearance of skin for a supple, healthier-look. Dewy, plump, and youthful skin is now officially within reach.
  • Biotin Boost Hair Serum: This protein-rich 💪, yuzu-scented hair serum will provide all the benefits to revitalize the scalp and boost the appearance of fine, dull hair. Moisturize and nourish with natural antioxidants and enzymes for shiny, volumized hair 👩. 

All Plants No Pain products are always vegan, cruelty-free, & eco-friendly 💖.

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Skincare that Literally Saves Lives

Through the sale of our vegan and cruelty-free products, we support initiatives and organizations make a difference in the world.

Choosing to purchase your beauty products from All Plants No Pain helps to support the rescue, education and advocacy efforts of animal welfare organizations.

Powerful, Proven Ingredients

A vegan skincare routine doesn't have to mean compromising on effectiveness.

Most beauty brands make outrageous claims and pack their products with filler. That's not our style. All Plants No Pain relies on scientific research from trusted academic institutions to inform our formulas.

Small Batch, Made in USA

The beauty industry is dominated by massive corporate conglomerates who strive to maximize profit, regardless of the impact on consumers and employees.

All Plants No Pain is dedicated to helping all animals, including our human customers and employees. Every cream, serum and wash we offer is produced in a small batch by passionate team members in the United States of America.