Is Creatine Vegan?

Is Creatine Vegan?

While a vegan diet is a very healthy way of eating, there are a few nutrients that are very difficult to get when not consuming meat.

Creatine is found within animal foods, and it’s stored in our brains and muscles. It’s particularly popular for anyone looking to build muscle or to recover quicker between training sessions.

Let’s take a look at why you’d want to add creatine to your diet and answer the question, is creatine vegan?

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a molecule that we usually find in animal foods. It is stored within our muscles and is primarily taken as a supplement to help build muscle. Creatine can increase both the strength of your muscles and your muscle mass, which is why it’s commonly used for muscle building. You’ll find that your endurance is greatly improved when you consume creatine. Creatine is produced by our liver as well, so it’s not essential to consume this as a supplement on top of your standard diet. However, many vegans and vegetarians lack creatine because it’s naturally found within animal tissue. For that reason, vegans and vegetarians often turn to supplements that help them naturally boost their creatine levels.

Is Creatine Vegan?

The good news for vegans is that there are vegan-friendly creatine products on the market. They’ll help to supplement your diet and allow you to achieve the recommended 3g of creatine per day we should aim to consume. When choosing a creatine supplement, you’ll always need to check the ingredients on the back to ensure there are no animal products within the ingredients. A good vegan creatine powder will act as a supplement to your diet and also help you work towards your fitness goals. You can consume creatine before, during, or after your workout, and it’s often available in various flavors. You can choose either flavored or unflavored vegan powder, which can be added to shakes and smoothies if you prefer.

Do Vegans Need Creatine Supplements?

It’s much harder for vegans than meat-eaters to reach the recommended amount of creatine you should consume each day. Creatine is something that anyone who is physically active and looking to gain muscle will want to consume. You’ll find there are many great vegan products now, so when considering is creatine vegan, you’ll have a good variety of options to choose from. If you are a vegan who regularly trains at the gym or in fitness classes, definitely consider adding creatine to your diet. It will help to boost your physical performance and power, allowing you to go for longer during training sessions.


Vegan creatine supplements are now readily available on the market, but you’ll always want to double-check the ingredients to ensure the product is suitable for your diet and needs. It’s an easy way to increase your creatine intake, especially as a non-meat-eater. If you are looking to build your muscle mass and strength this year, creatine could be the answer to this when added to your diet on a regular basis.

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